In modern America, it is easy for family members to lose their connection with each other. Often, parents are busy with work and household management and many children have demanding school and social schedules with plenty of extra-curricular activities that take up their free time. This can make it difficult to find time to spend together and, over time, you may noticing your intimate familial bond decreasing. Scheduling a regular, recurring family soak in your hot tub can help you reconnect and strengthen your familial bond. 

Set a Positive Mood 

Clinical studies have shown that the warming of a person's skin can elevate their mood. This means that while you are soaking together in a hot tub, your family should become increasingly positive and happy, which can make it easier to have positive interactions. If you regularly interact with your family through yelling or instructions, or fail to interact at all, the positive mood set by a hot tub could be what you need to start having more fun, easy-going interactions. 

During your hot tub time, you should try to be playful, but do not force any interactions that you or your family members are not open to. 

Increase Skin-to-Skin Contact 

Skin-to-skin contact is important for people of all ages. Skin contact can help reduce anxiety and stress and increase feelings of comfort and bonding. As children grow up, parents often give them more personal space and touch them less often. Although this is natural, some children and adults can benefit from healthy, regular skin contact, and the hot tub presents an ideal environment to achieve it. 

Since there tends to be less clothing worn in hot tubs, there is ample opportunity for skin-to-skin contact. You may also choose to give hand massages or rub each other's feet. Alternatively, you may want to simply rest a hand on a family member's shoulder. It is important to respect boundaries but provide a safe environment open to friendly touching. 

Limit Distractions 

Much time that families spend together is filled with distractions. The television may be on in the background or one or more family members may be constantly checking notifications on their cell phone or tablet. The wet environment of a hot tub means it is more likely that technology will be left behind, allowing you and your family to concentrate on each other. More importantly, you will all know that during the soak, interruptions will not be an issue. 

Of course, to limit distractions you may need to resist the urge to install a television near your hot tub. 

Spend More Quality Time Together 

To increase your familial bond, you should concentrate on the quantity and quality of time that you spend together. While the distraction-free setting of a hot tub increases the likelihood that you will be spending quality time together, it is important to do so regularly. Having your own hot tub at home allows you to soak with your family whenever you feel the urge, but you should still schedule one or two soaking times a week that involve the entire family. 

Reduce Your Family's Overall Stress

Soaking in a hot tub can help relieve your family's overall stress. Not only can positive moods be increased while you are soaking, but you may notice that the stress reduction helps improve your communications and interactions after you are out of the hot tub as well. 

While a hot tub from a company like Ole's Pool & Spa presents many familial benefits, it is important to remember that high temperatures for long periods of time are not safe for people of all ages. If you have younger children, you should see the manufacturer's warnings. You may need to decrease the temperature of your hot tub or limit your time soaking as a family.