If you are planning on going skydiving for the first time, you need to make sure that you show up in the right attire. If you show up in improper attire, you may not be able to keep your appointment. It is vital that you are dressed safely in order to go skydiving.


You need to be able to tie back your hair. If you have long hair, it needs to be secured in a ponytail, low bun or braid. You don't want your hair flying around in your face while you are falling from the sky. It could get caught in your equipment, which would present a large safety hazard to you. It could also impede your view of your jump and prevent you from seeing your instructor and knowing what you need to do. Additionally, having hair in your face will take away from getting to enjoy the great view when you jump. 

It is important that however you secure your hair, you are also able to put on a helmet. 


You need to wear shoes that will stay securely on your feet. Do not show up wearing flip-flops, sandals or flats. You also need to wear shoes that will allow you to land safely, so don't show up in boots either. 

The best shoes to wear for skydiving are tennis shoes that you can secure tightly onto your feet. You can also wear tennis shoes that don't have laces, but that fit your feet tightly. Athletic shoes will stay on your feet and help you land safely.


The type of top you wear really depends on the weather. If it is really warm outside, you should be okay with a t-shirt. If it is colder outside, a sweatshirt will work well.

Do not wear anything that has hoods, collars, fringes or strings on it. All of these styles of tops could obstruct your view and cause safety issues for you while you are skydiving. 


Make sure that any bottoms you wear fit you comfortably and are not too tight. You will be strapped into a harness, which can make tight bottoms feel really uncomfortable. Athletic shorts work well for skydiving.


You will be provided with goggles to wear during your dive. As long as your goggles still fit securely, you can still wear contacts, eyeglasses or sunglasses during your dive.

Be sure to ask and make sure that the company who you will be going skydiving through doesn't have any more clothing regulations in place. If you follow the guidelines above, you should be set to feel comfortable and be safe during your first skydiving experience. 

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