If your sailboat's canvas cover has a small tear in the corner of it, repair the fabric by completing the steps below. After you mend the fabric, the cover will prevent moisture from penetrating and damaging items in your boat that you would like to keep dry.

Materials Needed

  • safety pins
  • tapestry needle
  • marine thread
  • sewing scissors
  • waterproof epoxy
  • cotton swab
  • measuring tape
  • self-adhesive marine patch

Secure the Fabric and Prepare the Thread

Flip the canvas cover over so that the bottom side of it is facing upward and drape the fabric across a flat surface. Secure the two sides of the tear with a couple of safety pins. Flip the cover back over so that the top of it is facing upward. Cut a piece of marine thread that is several feet long. Insert one end of the thread through a tapestry needle's eye and pull the thread through until you have doubled it. Knot the ends of the doubled thread.

Sew the Torn Fabric

Sew the tear by inserting the needle through both sides of the torn fabric and pulling the thread straight through. From the opposite side of the tear, insert the needle's point and pull the thread straight through until the stitch is taut. Continue alternating the direction that the needle is inserted through the tear until the damaged section has been sewn together. While you are sewing the fabric, attempt to make stitches that are the same size and that are spaced evenly apart. Knot the thread and trim the thread's end with a pair of sewing scissors.

Apply Waterproof Epoxy and Cover the Mended Section

Use a cotton swab to apply a thin line of waterproof epoxy over the mended portion of the canvas cover. Spread the epoxy as evenly as possible. Wait for epoxy to dry. The epoxy will provide the repaired section of the fabric with an additional layer of protection. Purchase a self-adhesive marine patch that is large enough to cover the repaired section of the canvas.

Remove the backing from the patch. Line the patch up evenly over the fabric and press the patch firmly against the canvas. Remove the safety pins from the bottom side of the canvas cover. Place the canvas boat cover over your sailboat whenever it is not being used or whenever you would like to store items inside of your boat that you do not wish to be exposed to moisture. 

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