Before you sign up to get a concealed carry permit, there are several things you should know before you begin your training and after you have your permit. Getting a concealed carry permit requires added responsibility. Here are two tips to help you prepare yourself for this new part of your life.

Get the Best Possible Certification and Continuing Training

There may be several different concealed carry training classes in your area, offered by various training companies, such as Nebraska Personal Defense. This licensing training is going to give you the most basic knowledge of handling and carrying a firearm, so make sure you find a class that is going to thoroughly prepare you. Some classes may only provide the bare minimum and not offer extra information and training that can be so beneficial to you. 

Before you sign up with a trainer, check around and get referrals from other concealed permit carriers to find out who they recommend as a great trainer. Really great trainers will give tips and help beyond the basics of such required training items, such as gun cleaning, firing safety and proper storage at home of your firearm. Getting into the right training class can give you the extra boost toward having a greater knowledge about carrying your firearm.

Then, once you have your concealed carry permit, it is a good idea to continue with additional training to help you become more proficient in loading and firing you gun and other skills that will help increase your firearm confidence. There are many additional training courses by the NRA that you can take to increase your firearm training.

Overcome Your First-Time Carrying Fear

After you get your concealed carry license and you are approved to carry your gun with you in a concealed manner, it is best to start carrying as much as possible. When you first begin carrying your gun under your shirt, pant leg, or other area or clothing, it will feel as though everyone will know you are carrying, even though they don't. It is also a common fear that somehow you will bend over and your firearm will poke out of its concealment, causing a public panic of those around you or someone calls the police on you.

The best way to overcome this fear and paranoia is to carry your firearm as much as possible and push through that normal, first-time fear. As you carry your firearm everywhere you go, the fear will go away and you will be left with a sense of independence and a good feeling about yourself. Carrying a gun will also become your new normal, and you won't want to leave your house without it.

Keep these two tips in mind before and after getting your concealed carry permit to help your experience become successful.