You are probably only used to seeing fireworks blast off from the ground. Imagine how great they can look if they were recorded from overhead. You could set up custom displays, make unique designs, and have a variety of videos to enjoy for years and years in the future. If you own a drone, then capturing this video footage is possible. The key to getting the best footage is having fireworks that will look great from the view of a drone. By using this guide, you can get started on selecting specific fireworks and knowing what types to look for the next time you go shopping. Each design has unique elements to it that will look particularly special when recorded from overhead.

Black Snakes

The black snake firework is actually one that mostly stays on the ground. This makes it easier to fly a drone lower and capture the novelty in action. When a black snake is lit, the ingredients burn outward in random directions, forming a snake-like shape. You can light multiple snakes at the same time to showcase various burning patterns and capture it all on a drone. From overhead, you can really see the small details as the snakes go outwards and in multiple directions. Some of the snake fireworks move really slow. By capturing the video, you can speed up the footage to showcase the whole movement of the firework in a single condensed shot.

Sky Lanterns

When using a drone with fireworks, you want to limit how many of the products actually launch up into the sky. This is why it's good to choose slow and safer options like sky lanterns. Once lit, sky lanterns glide slowly up into the air. It's a beautiful sight to see, especially when a number of different colors are mixed together to create the lanterns. As a drone flies around, it can not only capture the rise of the sky lanterns, but it can follow them for several minutes as they glide through the air. Video footage of this journey is great to see and an ideal way to edit footage together with some type of special song. These videos can be created for birthdays, weddings, or even memorial celebrations.


Fountain fireworks feature big bases where fireworks stream out from the top. The fountains usually go in multiple directions. This makes an overhead view a great way to capture the whole fountain all at once. Fountains often feature multiple colors, different effects, and unique features like flashers. When setting off the fountain, you can have the drone fly overhead and capture it in all its glory. There are numerous fountains to choose from. If you purchase a number of different fountains, then you can line them up to spell letters or words that will appear overhead. As they are all lit, the drone can capture the visual words using the fireworks. It can create a really unique video clip that can be shared on social media.

Whistling Wheels

Another great novelty firework that looks great overhead is a whistling wheel. These types of fireworks feature spinning actions as the fireworks and sparks go off. The full visual effect can be captured as a drone hovers overhead. These wheels can be purchased in multiple styles and designs. This includes a variety of colors or various themes like the Fourth of July. Just like other fireworks, you can mix them together to create a larger visual for the drone to capture.

It's a good idea to test out a few videos before lighting off all of the fireworks. Purchasing some extra fireworks from a company likeFireworks Fantasy will give you plenty of options for the videos.