If you love to play volleyball and have a large space, you can set up your own volleyball net. If you have never purchased a volleyball net system before, the many options may be confusing. Below is some information about this so you can ensure you get the right system so you and your friends can start playing volleyball.

Net Dimensions

When choosing a volleyball net, you have to consider the height. What you choose depends on who will be playing. For example, if it will be mostly men playing, the net height should be 7 feet 11 5/8 inches. If it will be women that are playing, the height should be 7 feet 4 1/8 inches. There are measuring devices that are used to measure the height of the net to ensure it is correct. With many volleyball net systems, you can adjust the height of the net to accommodate the people that will be playing.

Types of Net Systems

There are different types of volleyball net systems that can be used indoors. One type is the portable system, which can be folded and rolled up when you are not using it.

There are permanent systems also, and this is a good idea if you plan to play volleyball for long term and will not have to move it from the space. You can find systems made of steel or aluminum.

Steel is durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and bends and will not warp. The drawback of steel is that it is heavier than the other option.

Aluminum is also durable but not quite as durable as steel. Aluminum is lighter, however, so it is much easier to set up and move if you ever need to move it. Many people today choose aluminum volleyball net systems.

Net Durability

It is important that the net is durable. It needs to be strong enough so that when a ball hits it, it can withstand the pressure. If the net is not strong enough, the ball will not bounce back at all but will instead drop immediately. A more durable net will also last much longer for you.

The volleyball net you purchase should be made of a synthetic fiber, such as polyester, instead of any natural materials. This will ensure it will be durable enough and will hold up well.

Talk with a company that sells volleyball net systems to help you choose what would be best for you.