Summer is coming up, and if you live in Manhattan, you know how unrelenting the heat and humidity can be. The city can get unbearable during the hot months. The subways are always hot, the streets bake under the sun, and the few parks are overcrowded. So, if you're planning a series of weekend escapes, then a great idea is to find a private vacation home near the water to rent for the weekend. The great thing about living in Manhattan is that you are so close to so many cool areas. Here are a few to consider. 

The Jersey Shore

If you like the ocean, and also like the idea of being close to the quintessential boardwalk experience, then you should look for a waterfront home rental down on the Jersey shore. There are great towns such as Seaside Heights and Long Beach where you can find private homes for rent. This is a great alternative to renting at one of the big hotels which might have a bit too much of a party atmosphere. Keep in mind that a lot of the homes located right near the beach will be quite large. It's not uncommon for these houses to be rented out to groups of friends. So, if you are planning on heading out with a group, this is perfect. If, however, it's only you and your significant other, you might want to look a more laid back town such as Point Pleasant. The homes here will be more reasonable in size and not have the 5 plus bedrooms that is common at some of the more "party" type towns.

The Hamptons

If you prefer Long Island beaches to the Jersey Shore, and you like the hot and trendy restaurant scene over the boardwalks and party atmosphere, then the Hampton's is perfect. It's also a fantastic place to find a waterfront home for rent. There are loads of them all along the south shore of Long Island. Some of them are luxury mansions, but there are also normal homes and even small cottages in areas such as Montauk (a bargain, as it's the least "exclusive" area) as well as Southhampton. The other great thing about renting a cottage in the Hamptons is that you don't have to have a car, which is awesome news for most people who live in Manhattan. You can just jump on the LIRR from Penn Station and be at your weekend house in a couple of hours.

The Catskills

If you prefer lakes to oceans, then look north of the city to the Catskills.This area is filled with beautiful lakes, rivers, and cool mountains you can go hiking in. There are lots of small lake front cottages to choose from. Some of the lakes might even be completely private, with only the one home on the the lake. The catskills is perfect if you want to go fishing, swimming, and want more than anything to escape the noise of the city. It is a very tranquil environment.

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