Mountain bikes have been used for a long time by lovers of the outdoors who love riding woodland trails. Mountain biking is great exercise, provides bonding and friendly competition among bikers, and allows sportsmen to enjoy nature. Traditional mountain bikes are entirely powered by the humans pumping the pedals. Recently, however, we have seen the birth of a new trend: motorized mountain bikes, also known as electric mountain bikes or eMTBs. These are designed to help people bike longer distances and handle challenges like hills with less difficulty. The motor helps the rider but does replace the need for human power.    


The most popular motorized bicycles have an electric battery that needs to be charged before going out on the trails. One webpage estimates that a full battery can take you twenty to sixty miles. These electric bikes stop providing pedal assistance at about twenty miles per hour. There are also gas-powered mountain bikes, and these also reach at least twenty miles per hour. A source points out that this is the top speed allowed legally for unregistered bikes. Motorized bicycles are not nearly as noisy as mopeds or motorcycles but may have some level of motor sound.   

Pros and Cons

Some people take to the idea of motorized mountain bikes more than others. The main benefits of eMTBs are that they make biking less difficult by augmenting human power in the face of obstacles like steep uphill trails or strong wind resistance. Also, eMTBs are quite eco-friendly, which is why many environmentally concerned bikers like the idea. (The case is not the same for MTBs powered by gas.) The major con of eMTBs is the controversy surrounding whether or not they have full access to parks and trails. Many mountain parks forbid the use of motor vehicles, and legally, people have not yet agreed if eMTBs should be included. It's possible to run into problems with trail access depending on where you are.     


Those looking into the subject might be interested to know where to buy motorized mountain bikes. Some superstores with sports and outdoors sections might provide some options. Better selections can be found at sporting goods stores and specialty bicycle stores. Motorized bikes and/or motor kits to improve or add to existing bikes can be bought online. A quick web search provides a rough price range. Electric bikes tend to range from six hundred to sixteen hundred dollars depending on company, quality, size, and specifications. This information should help you get started learning about motorized mountain bikes.